Invisible Ties
A Fire Emblem: Awakening anthology

$20 | 44 pages | 8x10.75”

Finni | gisu | Haku | Jackie | Kim | Linda | Mero | Mirukupie | paper-hero | Sushes | stkidd | uzuin | winsher

13 artists and 40+ drawings and illustrations based on the newest game in the Fire Emblem series! 

Available for online preorder here and at Japan Expo USA in Santa Clara, CA from August 23-25, where character designer Yusuke Kozaki is attending as one of the guests of honor!! Books will be available in the Young Creator section. Look for a bright blue banner that says “Finni Chang”!

Online orders made between now and September 16th will come with a small surprise button set as my thanks, as will all Japan Expo purchases (while supplies last).

All of us who contributed to this book worked really hard and the contents are really amazing. Please visit every artist’s link and check out their work!! To all Fire Emblem fans, thank you and I hope you enjoy our book!

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Posted on Monday, August 19
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