More waitress!bunny gifs from the HeartBreak Cafe~ the user-run Valentines’ event on Gaia back in February.

That last one is my favorite because she bobs to music 8D…

First set over here

Black King x White Queen fake shimejis I created as one of the screens for In Deep Ship on Gaia Online!

I’m a horrible person for teasing people with a thing they’ll never have, but here are the chibis on transparent backgrounds if that’s your thing! OvO// Characters created by the super lovely talented fayren~

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Various illustrations I did for January’s CI, In Deep Ship for Gaia Online.

All pieces are digital! I used the watercolor tutorial found here to help create the traditional look, though having prior experience with how watercolors look when used and scanned helped as well.

holy moly thank you so much.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so so so so much for spreading the word and helping me out, we’ve hit enough to get Dullahan replaced in just 12 hours??? I’m really shocked and so grateful and just T___T!! I will make it up to everyone who helped signal boost or donate or even left an encouraging comment, somehow someday I will repay all of it, but please just take this as an open IOU and accept all of my love and thanks in the meantime. 



I hate asking for money for any reason. I always think I can handle it on my own, but something really awful happened tonight and I’m hoping to reach out to anyone who’s able to help out. 

Many of you guys know I live with my boyfriend Alex and we’re very dedicated to each other. He and I are a team, and together we run my online store, prepare for conventions, and he even helps me with illustration work when I get super overwhelmed. We also own two bikes, Dullahan and Icarus, since we share one car (his name is Toaster), it’s not always possible to function without alternate forms of transportation.

Today we went out for dessert after dinner and parked our bikes outside the restaurant (with a lock, chained to a railing) and walked in to order. We weren’t in the restaurant for more than 10 minutes when Alex decided to check on our bikes, as they’re really important to us…. and found that his bike was stolen. Dullahan is a Prodeco Phantom X2 2013 model electric bicycle, not even a year old, customized for performance and equipped with imaging wheel lights, and is going to cost us over $1600 to replace. Dullahan is Alex’s main form of transportation since I use the car daily for work, and losing him has been really devastating. For those of you who’ve ever lived without reliable access to a car — especially in California — you understand how difficult this is.

I’m giving 100% of sales from my store ( to the Save Dullahan fund until we earn enough to replace his bike, and will be adding more items soon to help cover the cost. If you’re able to make a donation, even just a tiny little bit, I’ve set up a page here on GoFundMe ( with details and more information. 

I am also going to be offering thank you rewards to people who are able to make a generous donation by giving sketches and chibis to the best of my ability. My schedule recently has just been really intense, I don’t have any free time from now until like April 16th, so I won’t be able to deliver until the end of April probably, but this will be your one and only chance to get artwork from me from now until ummmmmm…. probably forever. Or at least a few years.

If you’re able to spread the word, I’d really appreciate it! I know not everyone has the means to donate but if you could reblog or retweet, that’s just as helpful!

Thanks so much for reading my giant wall of text.
(And yes, we named him Dullahan after Hataraku Maou-sama!)

Again the link is here:
New items coming soon at:

Use the code: SAVEDULLAHAN for free shipping within the US.
Valid on non-book non-custom items only (sorry!)

Public Finni Announcement

My internet sucks now and I keep getting disconnected, so streams have to be put on indefinite hold until I can rectify this situation with my ISP. But, I just queued literally 7 pieces of artwork/photosets of things I drew in January/February to be posted over the next week, so there will be updates every day for a week!

Unfortunately all I have to post are work-related things, since I’ve pretty much just been working 24/7. If you don’t care for commissions I’ve done or illustrations I do for Gaia Online, please block the tag #finniworkstuff, which is what I’ll use to tag all posts from now on that contain that stuff~~~

My textposts are also tagged with #finnitext, so block that too if you only want to see artworks. :>

Thank you for all your patience and support!! <3

I’m so sorry, tonight is the first night in two weeks I’ve actually had Internet but I seem to have come down with the flu and feeling generally miserable. I’ll try to stream Thursday instead! I have lots and lots of new art to post but they’re all work or client commissions, so I’ve been putting it off since it’s not so much me-work…. but I do have lots to share!! Thanks for sticking with me and being patient!!

So I might be having too much fun pretending to be a bunny waitressing at a maid cafe…. ’ w ’ Drawn by me for my own RP use~

For the Valentines’ user-run event “Heart Break Cafe" on Gaia Online!! 

(Please let me know before you reuse these on your own blog or leave a link back for credit; I’d rather not have to watermark these little guys!)

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